ShoreTel Connect Client

Signing in / Installing the Client

Download the App here.

  1. Double-click the ShoreTel Connect client icon and enter:
    • Email or Username –Username is given to you by your ESC representative.
    • Password
    • Select the Use Windows Credentials checkbox if you want to use your Windows credentials.
    • Select the Remember this and log me in automatically next timecheckbox.
  2. Click +Show Advanced… and then do the following:
    • (optional) In the Domain name, enter the domain name.
    • In the Server field, enter the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or the HQ IP address if no internal DNS is available.
  3. Click Log In.

To sign out, click the tab and click Log Out.
These settings are specific to your unique system. If you are having trouble with your login, contact your company’s IT manager.

Adjusting Settings

Your desktop communicator can be configured to your individual requirements. Each user has the ability to change settings as needed throughout the day.  There are 6 different states you can use to manage your calls, ShoreTel named these states with the most common uses, however, you can get creative and use them for your unique needs.

To access your configuration window:settings-connectclient-12-29-16-bab

  1. Click on your name.
  2. Click on the “Settings” wheel to access the configuration window.  This window will pop up in front of your current Connect client.

In this configuration window, you can customize your individual settings, record voicemail greetings, and more.

Call Routing (State) Setup:

YConnectComm-CallRoutingour ShoreTel Connect system has 6 availability states.  Go to the “Call Routing” option in the configuration window and follow the Wizard to customize these states.

  • Choose the State you wish to configure from the “When” drop down to customize the behavior of your phone calls in specific states.
  • “Start Wizard” to fully configure OR
  • Choose “Change” to configure a specific feature

You must record a greeting in EACH state you plan to use.  The default will be to play your recorded name “is ___State__, please leave a message or press # for additional options.”

Note: For optimal quality, record your greetings through the phone. To do this, make sure the phone icon is selected. ConnectComm-RecordthroughPhone


voicemailsetup-connectclient-12-29-16-babTo change the voicemail password and update the default greeting

  1. Open the configuration window in the Connect client
  2. Go to the Voicemail tab, then to the Setup tab
  3. Update password and click “Set New Password”
  4. To update your recorded name, Click the Red Dot to record then “Save Recording”.

Access Voicemail Messages

  1. Launch the ShoreTel Connect client
  2. Click the Recent tab
  3. Click the drop-down list on the top-left corner of the second pane
  4. Select Voicemails

Listen to Voicemail Message

  1. Launch the ShoreTel Connect client.
  2. Click vm-client-11-23-16-bab on the left.
  3. Choose the phone or speaker icon
  4. Click the play icon

You can reply to, forward, or delete the received voicemail.

Make a Call

From the Search bar

  1. Launch the ShoreTel Connect client
  2. Type a contact’s name, number, or email address namesearch-client_-11-23-16-bab
  3. Double-click the contact, or click the contact and then click in the third pane.

From the dial pad

  1. Launch the ShoreTel Connect client
  2. Click  phone-client
  3. Dial the extension or the mobile number
  4. Press enter


From the directory

  1. Launch the ShoreTel Connect client
  2. Click the People tab.
  3. Scroll down to find the contact
  4. Double-click the contact, or click the contact and then click greencall-client-11-23-16-bab in the third pane
  5. To view information for a contact, click the contact on the second pane, and click +Info on the third

Answering then Parking a Call

Parking a call is putting a call on hold on a person’s extension. 

  1. After answering the call, open the “people” tab to find the person you will be parking the call to.
  2. Click the incoming call name (Andree Weber below) and drag to the person to whom you will park (Don Blanchard below). connectclient_-park_call-2-2-17-bab
  3.  A menu will open with three options, click Park.  The call will appear with a P next to the person as seen below.connectclient_-parked_call-2-2-17-bab
  4. Once parked, let the person know they have a call (paging, intercom, walking over and talking to them).
  5. To answer the parked call, the person (Don Blanchard above) will simply lift their handset on their phone.

Make Me Conferencing

ConnectComm-Make_MeDepending upon your system configuration, you can add up to 8 people (including yourself) onto an existing call.

When currently on a call, click on the caller’s number on the left to pop out the call information window.

Click the “Add Participant”AddParticipantIcon Icon on the desktop client.

You can either type in the name of the person to pull from your Directory or Outlook Contact integration or choose a recent contact to add. ConnectComm-Make_Me-add

Once added, you can either conference in immediately, consult with the person, or intercom an internal contact. The initial call will be put on hold while you join in the next participant by clicking the green button to merge the new participant into the existing call.

ConnectComm-Make_Me-kick_outOnce your call is in place, all participants can be seen by clicking the drop down on the original call.  From here, you can remove someone from the call by pressing the red “hangup” button.


Record a Call

record-connectclient-12-29-16-babWhen you receive or make a call, the window pictured to the right will pop up.

Click the “REC” button to record the call to a .wav file. Just as your voicemails are sent to your email, this recorded .wav file will be sent to your email address in your profile.

Sending an Instant Message

If this feature is grey-ed out, your company does not have this feature installed.  

  1. Launch the ShoreTel Connect client
  2. Find the contact
  3. Click the contact on the second pane
  4. In the IM input field, type the message and press Enter.

Conference Bridge

If this feature is grey-ed out, your company does not have this feature installed.  

Creating a conference


  1. Launch the ShoreTel Connect client
  2. Click the Events tab
  3. Click +New Event at the bottom of the second pane
  4. Enter the details of the conference.
  5. The event invitation page is displayed in the third pane.
  6. Microsoft Exchange Integration: If the Connect client is integrated with Microsoft Exchange, a meeting invite is launched in Office Outlook. The event invite must be emailed to the participants.The event is added to your Office Outlook calendar.

Joining a Conference from the Events Tab

  1. Launch the ShoreTel Connect client
  2. Click the Events tab
  3. Click the Upcoming tab to view all upcoming conferences
  4. Select the conference to join
  5. Click Join Meeting
  6. Do one of the following:
    • To take the call through the softphone (your computer and headset)
      • click Call via Computer Audio
    • To configure a call back
      • click the Call Me option
      • enter the number
      • click Call Me
    • Click greencall-client-11-23-16-bab on the second pane. If you have assigned a desk phone or a cell phone to the ShoreTel Connect client, the assigned phone will ring.
  7. Click redhangup-client-11-23-16-bab to end the audio conference.