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Financial institutions are under constant pressure to improve the efficiency of their operations, drive down costs, and provide the best in customer service. The broad suite of solutions from Electrical Sales Corporation addresses these needs head-on, resulting in increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

ESC helps financial services professionals offer their customers what they need most: operational efficiency, security, and improved customer service. 

“Metairie Bank has relied on Electrical Sales to service our telecommunications needs since 2002. They installed the ShoreTel phone system at all seven of our locations. The reliability and quality of the ShoreTel system has been exceptional. Electrical Sales was also instrumental in the coordinating, ordering and installation of the bank’s MPLS network. Electrical Sales has made the implementation of both of these services as seamless as possible. The support and customer service offered by Electrical Sales truly is second to none.”


Albert Aucoin

IT Director, Metairie Bank

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