480 (G) and 485 (G)

480 (G) and 485 (G) ShoreTel IP Phones

Initial Setup

Voicemail Setup

  1. Press the VoiceMail button on your phone .
  2. Press the Call VM soft key to activate the tutorial.
  3. When prompted, enter the temporary password (1234#).
  4. The system tutorial will walk you through changing your password, and recording your mailbox name (record your full name when prompted).After your mailbox name has been recorded, you will be back at the main menu in voice mail and need to record your mailbox greeting.
  1. Press 7 for mailbox options, then press 1 to record a personal greeting. (A personal greeting is what callers hear when you are away from your desk).  Follow the system prompts to record and save the greeting.  Hang up when done.

Volume Control

The Volume Control Key adjusts the volume of the Ringer while your phone is idle, the Handset volume while the handset is in use, or the Speaker volume when on a handsfree call.

There are also 6 additional volume control options available should you need them:

  • Handset mic
  • Handset speaker
  • Headset mic
  • Headset speaker
  • Handsfree (speakerphone) mic
  • Sidetone gain (this is what you hear while you are speaking)

To access the additional volume controls:  

  1. Press the Options soft key.  Enter your password and then press OK.
  2. Use the arrow key to scroll down until  Audio Settings is highlighted, then press the Open soft key.
  3. Use the arrow key to select the item you want to change.  When highlighted press  Open.
  4. You can then raise or lower the volume by using the Decrease or Increase keys.
  5. When done, press Back to return to Audio Settings menu and select another item you want to change,
  6. Or press Back again, then Exit to return to normal phone operation.

The Mute Key when illuminated red indicates that the caller doesn’t hear you, whether you are talking on the handset or a speaker call.  Press the button to toggle  Mute on and off.

Speakerphone:  To make or answer a call handsfree, press the speaker button.

Connect your headset

connectingheadset The ShoreTel IP Phone supports use of an optional Headset, as shown. After connecting the headset, select the Headset button headset on the front panel of the phone.

Once your headset is connected, you may want to adjust the “off-hook” settings (the way your phone answers).  This is important if you use the desktop client to answer your phone.

  1. Press the ‘Options’ button on your phone and enter your voicemail password
  2. Press the down arrow to scroll down/highlight “Auto off-hook” menu
  3. Select Edit
  4. Change the option to “Headset” and press “OK”
  5.  Note: If you are using a Wireless headset, scroll down to “Headset type”, select Edit, scroll to “Wireless” then press “OK”
  6. Select Exit to leave the Options menu and return to the main display

Check out the training videos that cover the physical phone and call handling!

Making a call

Lift the handset OR Press the Speaker button speakerbutton-480-11-22-16-bab

Internal call: Dial the extension number (or press the ext button)
Outside call: Dial 9 + number
10 Digit dialing: Dial 9 + 1 + area code and number for all 10 digit phone numbers (including 985).

Answering a call                                          

  1. Lift the handset
  2. Press the Speaker or Answer button OR  headset button if using a headset

Note:  If answering a call for another extension, press the Answer soft key (requires an ext monitor button).

Managing a call

Putting a call on hold

  1. While on a call, press the HOLD button (bottom right) – the line button will blink.
  2. When ready to go back to the call, lift the receiver  OR  press the blinking line button

Note: lifting the receiver while a call is on hold will automatically pick up the held call.

**If you need to pick up the call at another desk, you would use the Park feature .

Call Park  (this feature puts the call on ‘hold’/parks a call at another phone)

phone-480-screen-12-27-16-babParking a Call:

  • While on a call, press the PARKsoft key.
  • Dial the extension you want to ‘park’ the call to, then press the PARK soft key again.

Picking Up a Parked Call:

  • If the call is parked at your desk, lift your handset to pick up the call.
  • If the call is parked on another phone
    • Lift the handset, press the UNPARK soft key
    • Dial the extension number of the phone where the call is parked
    • Press UNPARK soft key again

Transferring a call

To a specific extension:

  • While on a call, press the TRANSFER button (top right feature button).
  • Dial the extension number you want to transfer the call to, then press the TRANSFER soft key or hang up.

**To announce the call, wait until the party answers ‘or’ press the CONSULT soft key.

  • To complete the transfer, press the YES soft key.  To get the caller  back, press CANCEL.                         

To voice mail:

  • Press TRANSFER
  • Enter the mailbox number
  • Press MORE (soft key)
  • Press TO VM (soft key)


History / Redial

The History viewer stores recent inbound, outbound, missed and transferred calls.

Dial from the history viewer:

  • Press the HISTORY button
  • Press the Scroll button up or down to highlight the number you want to call
  • Press the DIAL soft key or the selector button


To access the system directory, press the DIRECTORY button then:

  • Press the keys that correspond with the first few letters of the first or last name
  • Press the Scroll button up or down if needed to highlight the desired name, then press DIAL

Note:  The DIRECTORY can also be used with  Park,  Transfer,  Join  or  Conference features.


Checking Voice Mail from your phone

Visual Voice Mail

  • Press the Voice Mail button
  • When prompted, enter your password
  • Press OK .

Voice Mail with Audio Prompts (traditional)

  • Press the Voice Mail button
  • Press the Call VM soft key
  • When prompted enter your password, then follow the prompts

Checking Voice Mail from any ShoreTel phone

  • Press the Voice Mail button
  • Press the Call VM soft key
  • When voice mail answers, press * then  #
  • Follow the system prompts

Checking Voice Mail from outside the office

  • Dial the voice mail backdoor – ask your internal administrator for the backdoor number if you do not know.
  • When voice mail answers, press #
  • Follow the system prompts

Conference Calls

The  conference feature allows you to conference up to 3 parties, including yourself. If you have more than 3 users, please confirm you have the conference bridge feature and click here for directions.

Conference button option

  • While on a call, press the CONFERENCE button – original call is put on hold
  • Dial 9 + outside number or dial the internal extension number
  • Once the party answers, press the CONFERENCE button  OR  the YES soft key to add the party.  Press CANCEL to return to the original party without adding the new party

Join option

  • While on a call, press Hold
  • Make your second call – Dial 9 + outside number or dial the internal extension number
  • When the party answers, press the JOIN soft key to join all parties

Once a conference is established, you can press the Show soft key to display the names of the parties.  If you wish to disconnect a party, scroll to the name and press Drop soft key.

Call Handling Mode

You can set one of five call handling modes for your extension, including Standard Mode and four Do Not Disturb options, to forward incoming calls to another number  OR  send them to voicemail.  You can also record a different personal greeting for each call handling mode.

Call handling modes include:   Standard, In a Meeting**, Out of Office, Extended Absence, and Custom.    

You set the active call handling mode by pressing the Mode soft key, or from the ShoreTel Communicator.  With the Communicator it is easy to changed modes, configure different call forwarding destinations,  record alternate greetings and change

**If you press the Mode soft key on your phone, the system will automatically set your phone to

“In a Meeting” mode .  To put your phone back into Standard mode, press the Mode button again and the phone will automatically go back to “Standard” mode  so you can receive calls.