The IP 655 Phone is a touch screen phone.  This guide will walk you through basic phone functions.  Remember, you can do a lot of the same functions using your desktop communicator.

Initial Setup

Voicemail Setup

Many customers use the IP655 phone as conference phone and often do not have voicemail attached.  Skip this section if you do not have a voicemail attached to this phone extension. 

  1. Press the VoiceMail screen-655voicemailicon-12-23-16-babbutton on your screen (at the top of the screen).
  2. Press # for classic voicemail
  3. When prompted, enter the temporary password (1234#).
  4. The system tutorial will walk you through changing your password, and recording your mailbox name (record your full name when prompted).After your mailbox name has been recorded, you will be back at the main menu in voice mail and need to record your mailbox greeting.
  5. Press 7 for mailbox options, then press 1 to record a personal greeting. (A personal greeting is what callers hear when you are away from your desk).  Follow the system prompts to record and save the greeting.  Hang up when done.

Volume Control

The Volume Control Key adjusts the volume of the Ringer while your phone is idle, the Handset volume while the handset is in use, or the Speaker volume when on a handsfree call.

The Mute Key when illuminated red indicates that the caller doesn’t hear you, whether you are talking on the handset or a speaker call.  Press the button to toggle  Mute on and off.

Speakerphone:  To make or answer a call handsfree, press the speaker button.

Connect your headset

connectingheadset The ShoreTel IP Phone supports use of an optional Headset, as shown. After connecting the headset, select the Headset button headset on the front panel of the phone.

screen-655screen-12-23-16-bab Once your headset is connected, you may want to adjust the “off-hook” settings (the way your phone answers).  This is important if you use the desktop client to answer your phone.

  1. Click on the Application screen-655applicationbutton-12-23-16-bab button
  2. Go to the User Options menu and enter in your voicemail password
  3. Touch “Auto off-hook”
  4. Change to either Headset (wired) or Wireless Headset
  5. Click the X to get back to Applications, then X again to go back to main screen

Making a call

Lift the handset OR press the Speaker screen-655speakericon-12-23-16-bab button  (above the dial pad)

Outside call: Dial 9 + the number
Long Distance: Dial 9 + 1 + number
Internal call: Dial extension number or press Directory screen-655directory-12-23-16-bab

Redialing a number

Last number redial press the Redial screen__-_655redial_12-23-16-bab button (above the dial pad)

Call History screen-655callhistory-12-23-16-bab

Call history is viewable in ‘All’, ‘To’, ‘From’ and ‘Missed’ folders.

To redial a number in the history, touch the call record.

Directory (Speed Dial):

Press Directory screen-655directory-12-23-16-bab  and enter the first few letters of the name.

Answering a call:                              

Lift the handset OR press the speaker screen-655speakericon-12-23-16-bab button              

Putting a call on hold

While on a call, press ‘Hold’ – the line button will blink red.

When ready to go back to the call, just lift the handset  OR  press ‘Unhold’.

**If you need to pick up the call at another desk, you would Park the call (see Call Park below).

To make a second call (putting the first on hold):

While on a call, press an open call appearance button. The system will automatically put your first call on hold.

You can switch between the 2 calls by touching the call record on the screen

To conference the 2 calls together first press the Conf/Join button, then press Join

Managing a Call

Call Park

This feature puts the call on ‘hold’ at another phone so it can be picked up at that extension or from any location.

Parking a Call

  1. While on a call, press ‘Park’
  2. Enter the extension you want to ‘Park’ the call to, or use the directory to select the extension, then press ‘Park’.

Picking Up a Parked Call

If the call is parked at your desk:  lift your handset to pick up the call.

If the call is parked on another phone:  unpark the call from the ShoreTel communicator.  Click on the Dial option at the top of the screen, then click Pickup/Unpark and enter the name or extension of the phone where the call is parked, then click Unpark.

Transferring a call

  1. While on a call, press ‘Transfer’.
  2. Press the Ext button you want to transfer the call to, dial the extension number (or use the directory to select the extension) then press ‘Transfer’.
    **If you want to announce the call, wait until the party answers ‘or’ press ‘Consult’ instead of ‘Transfer’. 
  3. When ready to complete the transfer, press ‘Complete’ OR press ‘Cancel’ to get the call back.

To transfer a call to voice mail: Press ‘Transfer’, then dial the extension number (or use the directory to select the extension).  Then press ‘To Voicemail’ to send the call directly to a mailbox.

Conference Calls

3 parties  (including yourself)

While on an active call:

  1. Press ‘Conference’ – the first call is automatically put on hold
  2. Dial 9 + outside number or dial the extension number
  3. Press ‘Conference’ to add party as soon as they answer   OR
  4. Press ‘Consult’ to speak to the caller before adding to conference
  5. Press ‘Complete’ to conference and add the call   OR  Press ‘Cancel’ to cancel the conference and return to the original party

Once a conference is established, you can use the ‘Show’ soft key to display the conferenced parties.  To drop one of the shown parties, press the  to the left of the party’s name.

Availability Status — Do Not Disturb/Forwarding Options

Your ShoreTel phone has six availability options, which you can customize to forward your calls to another number  OR  send them directly to voicemail.  You can record an alternate greeting for each option.  Availability options include:   Available, In a Meeting**, Out of Office, Vacation, Custom and Do Not Disturb.    

You can set the active availability option by pressing the State soft key, or from the ShoreTel Connect Client.  Configuring availability options and recording alternate greetings is easily done from the Connect Client.

**If you press the State soft key on your phone and do nothing else, your availability will automatically change to

“In a Meeting” .  To make your phone “Available” , press the State key again and the phone will automatically go back to “Available” so you can receive calls.