Quality Services for the Medical Industry

Healthcare organizations to improve patient care while keeping costs under control. They also require reliable communications around the clock. Electrical Sales Corporation understands the importance of communications for healthcare organizations and strives to provide systems with no single point of failure, as well as the capability of keeping staff in touch whether they are onsite, at a remote location, or on the move.

“Since 2002, Electrical Sales has supported Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency in our mission to save and enhance lives through organ and tissue donation. All of our offices across Louisiana work closely together because of the services Electrical Sales provides: telecommunications, computer networking, video conferencing, and video surveillance. They were essential is building our communication center and preparing it for emergency situations so Louisiana hospitals can contact us even during disasters. LOPA will continue to rely on the expertise and excellent customer service of Electrical Sales.”

Max Prather

Chief Information Officer, LOPA

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