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Our Networking Solutions

Whether you need to design a new installation, modify an existing network or simply work with vendor to facilitate a smooth deployment, ESC’s Network Engineers can help you design a network that will provide the performance, security and stability that your business needs.

This is achievable by bringing a unified, scalable vision to the “Core Networking” functions of business including Routing, Switching, Wireless, LAN and WAN Optimization, and Communications.


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What Networking Services Do We Offer?

Structured Cabling 

Whether you need cabling for a new space or an existing location, ESC has the technical expertise and experience to deliver a professional, clean, and budget-friendly installation. 

We offer professional installation of low voltage cabling for your voice and data networks, including data racks, patch panels, wire management, patch cords, jacks, and pace plates.  ESC owns the necessary hardware to test and certify all cabling jobs from Cat 5 to fiber, and we deliver the test results and a cabling map to customers for future reference.

▸ Network Room Design

A network room (also known as a data center, server room, network closet, or telecommunications room) is the space that serves as the operating center and principle location for network and server infrastructure. We design a network room to be scalable, flexible and adaptable, modular, and as simple as possible.

▸ Routing, Switching, Wireless, & Security

Whether your business needs a new installation or a modification to an existing network, our network engineers are trained to help you design a network that delivers performance, security, and stability. We bring a unified, scalable vision to the core networking functions of a business, including:

      • Routing: the hardware and protocols that work in tandem to decide the path that network traffic takes to get from one place to another.


      • Switching: the mechanism that joins computers together within one Local Area Network (LAN) to communicate. Using Intelligent Switches with Management capabilities, the switch can be segmented into Virtual LANs without additional hardware.
      • Wireless Ethernet: similar to switching, wireless ethernet uses radio waves as transport. While most homes have a wireless LAN, businesses with more physical space and more challenging environments require scalable, reliable, and secure solutions to expand the range.


      • LAN and WAN Optimization: the process of ensuring that traffic flows on the local LAN and over the WAN without impediment.
      • Unified Communications and Videoconferencing: allows interactions to flow with efficiency, increasing productivity.
At ESC, we believe that the more connected we are, the better we can understand what needs to be done and how we can best support each other in achieving our mutual goals. To learn more about our network solutions, click below to contact us.

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